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Vape Kits


Keep it simple. eCig Kits come with everything you need to get started.


Shop 5 Pawns e-Liquid

Choose the eliquid that’s just right from you. Available in various strengths.

eCig Batteries


As with any device, your ecig needs power. Choose from an array of different colors and styles.

eCig Tanks


Sub Ohm Tanks and eCig Tanks hold your liquid and convert it into vapor. .

eCig Coils


eCig Coils sit within your tank and heat up your eliquid. You can’t Vape without them! They should be changed often.



For those looking for something a little more interesting, try an e-cigarette “mod.”

Variable Voltage


Variable Voltage mods often offer more features such as built in safety mechanisms, variable voltage options, puff trackers and much more.

Rebuildables (RDA)

Kanger SubTank

Take the next steps with rebuildable atomizers. These are for advanced users that which to get more power and control from their e-cigarette.

Variable Voltage


Variable voltage e-cig batteries allow you to crank up the heat at the expense of lower battery life. A higher voltage means more and often hotter vaper while a lower voltage generally gives you a cooler vape.

MOD Batteries


Mechanical mods generally require a special battery to operate correctly. Browse from our selection of lithium ion batteries.



Clearomizers function much like tanks do with one simple exception, they are generally disposable. They offer a convenient no fuss option to those not wishing to purchase coils separately. This is a great way to go if you’re new to tanks.

BeKuali Liquid

BeKuali__Chocolate Swirl

BeKuali e-Liquid is created in ISO class 22,000 clean rooms and uses only US sourced ingredients. BeKuali American is owned and operated by Vapor Talk. We have over 32 flavors and counting!