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Starter Kits


If you’re just getting started and completely overwhelmed with the vast amount of options, then keep it simple. eCig Kits come with everything you need to get started. If it arrives in the mail and your still perplexed, hit the contact tab, we’re happy to help you out, 7 days a week. (Even late!)


Shop 5 Pawns e-Liquid

There’s a lot to choose from. Select the e liquid that’s just right for you. Available in various strengths, flavors and mixtures. From all day vapes to unique tastes.

Mods & PV's


Variable Voltage mods often offer more features such as built in safety mechanisms, variable voltage options, puff trackers and much more.

Mechanical Mods


If you’re looking to skip the vast array of features for a simple, solid and classy e-cigarette, then a mechanical mod might be right for you. These units generally contain a single battery housed in a metal cover of hand crafted beauty.

Built In Battery


These batteries are simple and easy to use. A great way to get into variable voltage. A higher voltage means more and often hotter vaper while a lower voltage generally gives you less vapor but cooler vape.

eGo Tanks


If you’re looking to upgrade your ecig without the need to cut, clip, fill and test go with an “eGo” style tank. We highly recommend these tanks for their ease of use and exceptional performance. Though easy, they’ll still provide you plumes of vapor. In fact, even the founder sports an ego style tank.

Rebuildables (RDA)


Take the next step with rebuildable atomizers. These are for advanced users that want to get more power and control from their e-cigarette. After a brief learning curve, these units will produce ridiculous amounts of vapor when coupled with a powerful device.

eCig Coils


The all mighty coil. No matter which  tank you choose, you can’t vape without coils. A coils sits within your tank and heats up your eliquid. You can’t Vape without them! They wear out over time and require changing.